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Digital Literacy

Level: Ages 11-18
Estimated Duration: Full-year

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Learn the essential computer skills that will help you excel in our digital world. Students will be introduced to a range of technology concepts from basic computer hardware and software to complex computer systems, the Internet, and how to develop safe online habits.


    what you'll learn & create

    After taking this course you will have the foundational skills needed to troubleshoot basic computer problems, use Google Apps, and write your own computer code! This class is perfect for young beginners looking to get started in the digital world.

    • Create and use algorithms 
    • Learn how to use the Internet safely
    • Learn the basics of cyber security
    • Identify Computer hardware parts and what they do
    • Program a simple video game
    • Create blog posts, a personal budget, surveys, and presentations

    system requirements

    PC, Mac, Chromebook, or Netbook

     Capable of running Google Chrome browser

    Gmail Account

    With parent supervision

      Support From Expert Instructors

    Utah-Residents_0204_06   Satisfaction Guarantee

    course outline

    Create Your Own Algorithm

    Passwords and Cybersecurity

    Google, Gmail and Calendars

    Google Drive

    Create Your Own Program


    How To Register Your Child for TechTrep

    Parents must submit an application for each child in the Tech Trep Academy InfoCenter. Please click here for more information.

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    We invite parents to research curriculum and learning resources to determine what’s best for each child, based on their unique needs and interests, and then submit a proposed year-long personalized education plan for review and approval.

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    We hear amazing stories from parents whose children have continued their success as adults.

    I really enjoyed the feel of it all. The slow step by step processes allow you to feel curious and then want to learn as much as possible.”

    Caleb, 14

    A really excellent hands on class. Loved the career building skills that came with it”


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