Tech Trep Academy – Tennessee

A Tuition-Free, Personalized Flexible Approach to Educating your Child at Home

Tech Trep Academy – a great FREE schooling option for your family!

Tuition-Free Personalized Education

We understand parents want to choose the curriculum that will work best for their child.

Each student (grades K-8) is provided with curriculum resource options and a supplemental learning fund to build a personalized learning plan. Curriculum specialists are available to help families choose resources for each student.

$1700 in versatile learning funds per student is provided and can be used for additional approved educational resources such as curriculum, internet, technology items, lessons, in-person classes, supplies, extracurricular activities and SO MUCH MORE!

father teaching his daughter to play the guitar

Support You Want!

If you are new to educating at home, Tech Trep Academy staff and teachers will happily help you through all the steps of getting started and offer support all along the way.

If you are an experienced, independent educator at home, you may need less support from your teacher but they are always there ready to help when you need them!

We want to help YOU feel successful and be successful!

The reporting process is simplified as much as possible so that parents can focus on what is most important – teaching.

Optional LIVE Virtual Classes

Some families prefer their students to have more teacher and peer interaction.  

 Virtual classes are offered in all the core areas and are taught by certified teachers, including a writing lab, language arts, social studies, science, and math.

These are great options for parents who want more help with the teaching and additional social interaction for their students!

Virtual Clubs

Virtual clubs are a super fun addition to the personalized school program! 

Students from many states participate in teacher-run virtual clubs such as crochet, cooking, Minecraft, Lego building, photography, programming, and yoga!

Other clubs our students have enjoyed include robotics, painting, storytelling, foreign language & ASL, nature journaling, 3D art, creative writing, fun with history, social skills, photography, music, and more!

Students build friendships and enjoy social interactions while engaging in the hobbies they enjoy.


boy enjoying an engineering club

FREE Monthly Field Trips!

Free field trips are organized in Tennessee each month and families are invited to join in!

Families have attended live theatre, explored indoor rock climbing, visited museums and zoos, enjoyed amazing science shows, jumped at trampoline parks, and participated in skiing and swimming. Each month brings SO many fun activities to choose from.

There are also virtual field trips and families have attended online book clubs and tea parties, viewed exotic reptiles, observed the atmosphere, met authors, learned about the constitution from a local expert, and enjoyed a virtual tour of Jamestown.

Education Your Way!

Parents make the most wonderful learning coaches and with Tech Trep Academy, parents have the opportunity to choose how their child is educated!

Tech Trep Academy is here to support and encourage you as a parent, recognizing your vested interest in selecting the best resources, curriculum, & learning path for your child.  

Our goal is that every interaction you have with teachers and staff is a positive one! 

We look forward to you joining the Tech Trep Academy family!

K-8 Program

Learn more about Tech Trep Academy – the tuition-free personalized education parents love.

With Tech Trep Academy you can get the support and resources needed to educate your children at home. We offer what you need to provide a first-rate education for your child, aligned with your educational philosophy!



A Glimpse Into Educating at Home

Tech Trep mom, Ja’Nette Spencer, shares what using the TTA program looks like in her home.

Parents are saying...

I hope you’ve stopped to consider the future scientists, inventors, artists, mathematicians, teachers, and good citizens, etc., that will come from your efforts to ensure education according to our children’s needs/personalities. Thank you! Julieann H.

I just want to say Thank You!!! I am so grateful for all the hands and minds behind this amazing Academy. Thank you for all the sacrifices and hard work you all do behind the scenes.” Camille J.

“Thank you so much to those who make this magic happen!!

– Kira C.

“I am very happy with the program and I actually get excited helping my kids learn. It’s not a chore anymore, it’s fun!”

– Shawna G.

“I can’t come up with enough words to express our thanks!!! We LOVE Tech Trep and what it’s given our family.”

– Rebecca Z.

“Thank you Tech Trep for this awesome microscope! It has been like Christmas around here! My kids are going to do so much with this! They are already examining dog hair!”

– Jackie N.

“This is an extraordinary group of professionals, parents and kids!”

– Cindy M.

“Most amazing program run by amazing people!!!”

– Tiffany F.

“Most amazing program run by amazing people!!!”

– Tiffany F.

“Most amazing program run by amazing people!!!”

– Tiffany F.

“Thank you Tech Trep for an amazing year! This has been our best ever year of school. Thank you for being so awesome!”

– Holly E.

“Thank you Tech Trep for making educating at home not the scary thing I thought it was.”

– Megan D.

We started getting our direct orders this afternoon!!! Thank you so much Tech Trep for this amazing opportunity!!!

It’s like Christmas morning right now, and the boys excitedly helped me unpack. Now they’ve all claimed a book series and are reading their new books!! Josie C.

I have been so impressed by the communication and organization. I feel this is truly a program that keeps the needs of parents and children in mind.

This program has been great for us. All the activities have been wonderful. We’ve been able to do things we may not have, with this program. Thanks for all you do. Heidi F.

Thank you for helping me to educate my kids at home. I’m humbled by the hours and hours of time you’ve put in to make Tech Trep a reality and fun!

Thank you for trailblazing a way for parents to receive support and curriculum. I’ve loved all the field trips too. Thank you so much! Rachel S.

We have successfully finished our first year of home education!! Wow, I can’t believe it.

I have to say I absolutely love this program and all the opportunities it has given us. I am actually looking forward to next school year, I have NEVER said that before lol. Shawna G.

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