Log In

Tech Trep Academy Canvas

Parents and students log in to Canvas with their own individual accounts to access their Tech Trep Direct tech and entrepreneurship courses

Common tasks to perform in Canvas include:

  • Access all Tech Trep Direct tech and entrepreneurship course content, assignments, projects, quizzes, etc.
  • Message tech class teachers
  • Change settings such as display name, photo, Canvas password, etc.
  • URL:  techtrepacademy.instructure.com/


Parents log in to InfoCenter to update individual student information and manage personalized schedules.

Common tasks to perform in InfoCenter include:

  • Access Parent Link – a guide that outlines all program details
  • Access Homeroom resources
  • Access and submit Weekly Learning Logs
  • Create and manage each child’s personalized schedule
  • Submit and track all reimbursements
  • View important announcements
  • View calendar for important dates, times, and locations (if applicable)
  • Keep family contact information up-to-date
  • New student applications and re-enrollment
  • URL:  tn-infocenter.techtrepacademy.com