How It Works

A full-time, personalized education program.

Our full-time, public school program is focused on providing parents the resources needed to create a personalized education plan tailored to the unique needs of each child.  In addition, we help students gain valuable tech and entrepreneurship skills to be successful in college, career and life.  We believe that students with a strong foundation in creativity, innovation, technology and business are poised to change the world for good.

Program Overview

Program Benefits

  • Public / Private Partnership Program providing high-quality curriculum and learning resources to personalize every child’s education
  • Unlimited access to quality curriculum that maps to state standards
  • Unlimited access to experienced mentors and certified teachers
  • Unlimited access to an expert curriculum specialist who can help you choose the right curriculum and classes for your child’s specific needs
  • Access to a curriculum and technology subsidy to help obtain additional personalized curriculum and resources
  • Discover a wide range of supplemental resources to inspire your child at any level – from struggling to highly advanced
  • Parents have the flexibility to teach their child at whatever ability level the child is ready for
  • To maintain program flexibility, all grades are either Pass or Fail and based on Weekly Learning Log submissions
  • Choose from over 25 different project-based, online courses focused on Technology and Entrepreneurship
  • Participate in fun, educational field trips, small group meet-ups, and other activities
  • Students are welcome to participate in any extra-curricular activities at their local district (not charter) school
  • Parents are free to choose the homeschooling method they prefer

Program Requirements

  • Student must be a resident of the participating county (Putnam County or Overton County)  between the ages 5-13 (as of Sept 1)
  • Parent needs to submit a program application for each child
  • Once accepted into the program, parent must submit a complete public school enrollment packet to be reviewed and approved by the school of enrollment
  • Both student and parent need an active email account (see videos for help with younger children).
  • Each student must have a full-time schedule with 6 Periods which include math, language arts, science, social studies, tech/entrepreneurship elective and one other elective
  • Parents choose from curriculum provided directly from our partners or they may choose to custom-build the classes using approved curriculum of their choice
  • Following a standard public school schedule (Aug-May), all students must demonstrate active participation by submitting a Weekly Learning Log and Attendance Record for review by a certified teacher
  • Students are also required to contribute learning samples to a portfolio-of-work to demonstrate progress
  • Students in 5th and 7th grades are required to participate in all state required tests (TNReady in spring)
  • Students are required to have a computer, high-speed internet, and a webcam for which a school-approved technology subsidy* is provided (up to $500/year)

*Based on eligibility and as required by Federal Law and Board Rule

Quality Options for Students in Grades K-8

Students in Kindergarten

  • Unlimited access to industry-leading, age-appropriate curriculum for Reading / Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.
  • Dedicated support from certified teachers.
  • Wide range of choices for fun, hands-on electives such as computer programming, robotics, engineering, circuitry, and more!
  • Additional Tech Trep Direct and Custom-built educational resources for up to 6 subjects (see details below).
  • Eligible for the full amount of the school-approved technology subsidy.

Students in grades 1 – 8

  • Unlimited access to industry-leading, age-appropriate curriculum for Reading / Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.
  • Dedicated support from certified teachers.
  • Wide range of choices for fun, hands-on electives such as Minecraft Java programming, robotics, engineering, circuitry, entrepreneurship, 3D Printing, 3D Animation, game design, and more!
  • Additional Tech Trep Direct and/or Custom-built educational resources for up to 6 subjects (see details below).
  • Eligible for the full school-approved technology subsidy ($500).

Two ways to access supplemental education resources:

Tech Trep Direct

Course is paid for and provided directly to the student by Tech Trep Academy.  See the FAQ page for a list of direct providers.  A direct provider course uses the entire $200 class allotment for that course.  


Once pre-approved by the school of enrollment, learning resources (up to $200/course) are purchased by parent and reimbursed.  There is also an option to request a direct purchase of custom-built resources that will be purchased and sent directly to the parent.  

*The school of enrollment pre-approves all expenditures and directly oversees the use of any public funds in compliance with all applicable laws and Board rules.

Field Trips & Community Events

Activities and Events

In addition to regular field trips, Tech Trep Academy is involved with many local tech and entrepreneurship communities and loves to provide experiences for students to connect with industry professionals.

Parent Support Groups

We invite you to come join thousands of like-minded parents, students, teachers, administrators, and staff. The number of parents choosing a home-based, distance education program for their child continues to grow and the Tech Trep Academy community loves helping others embarking on this journey.

Through social media and Parent Link discussions, parents can connect easily with others and find local groups and activities to join.  Join our Facebook group page for Tennessee here.

Showcase Night

One of our favorite activities of the year is the Student Showcase Night where students and families come together to share their favorite projects and celebrate the great work they’ve done.

Watch Showcase Night

The Student Showcase was so inspiring! It was fun to show off what we’ve been working on and fascinating to see the amazing work of the other students (Wow!)- thanks for putting it together. It was so nice to meet you all in person.

I love this program for the freedom it gives us to tailor our children’s education to their talents, genius, and passions. Thank-you!”

- Heidi (Parent with 3 children in the program)

Personalized Educational Programs Work!

Parents Know Best.

We invite parents to research curriculum and learning resources to determine what’s best for each child, based on their unique needs and interests, and then submit a proposed year-long personalized education plan for review and approval by school / program administrators.

Students Thrive.

Once students experience a truly personalized learning environment, they never want to go back to a one-size-fits-all approach.

Success Continues.

We hear amazing stories from parents whose children have continued their success as adults.

From earning college scholarships to starting businesses to pursing a passion-centered career, we are proud of the students who participate in our program.

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