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Electricity and Circuits Foundations

Level: Ages 5-8
Estimated Duration: Full-year

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Learn By Doing

Discover how electricity and switches work. In this course, you’ll have hours of educational fun building simple electrical circuits with Snap Circuits® to understand how your electronic devices operate.

what you'll learn & create

  • Explore the basics of electricity and making circuits.

  • Learn how electricity and magnetism can be used to make each other, learn about magnetic fields, how the electricity in your home works, how switches control the electricity to the lights in your home, and how series and parallel circuits affect electricity.
  • Build simple circuits with lights and sounds using Elenco’s Snap Circuits Kits.

  • Projects include: a strobe light with music, a color changing lighted fan, an air fountain, a motion detector, a mini car, a crawler, and an airplane.

system requirements

The Elenco’s Snap Circuits Extreme Kit

Will be shipped directly to the student in August.


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course outline

Static Electricity & Materials

Basic Circuits & Using Electricty

Magnetism & Motor Circuits


Fun with Electricity & Magnetism

Electricity in Motion


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My 7-year old son has loved using the snap circuit kit. Before we started the class I was worried that it would be over his head and I would be helping a lot with the projects. However, he really wanted to do it, so we went ahead with asking for the course. He has been able to build everything independently, and all I have had to do is help explain how things work to him. Was a great way to learn about complex electrical concepts on a fun non-threatening way. It was great for him to learn the function and vocabulary of things like capacitors, resistors, etc. He loved it.”

Happy Parent

My younger children (11 yr) and (8 yr) have loved learning electronics this year with the snap links kit – they have graduated to taking apart thrift store finds to figure out how they work.”


My 8-year old son loved his snap circuit tech class.”

Happy Parent

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